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Software Engineer, Product

About the company

Braintrust is the end-to-end developer platform for building world-class AI products. AI development is a relatively new paradigm combining code and datasets, incrementally refining both using frequent evaluations. Our product lets you evaluate LLM applications and iteratively improve them, with a rich set of tools to visualize changes and interrogate failures.

Developers integrate Braintrust into their continuous integration and development loops, often running 50+ experiments per day, so it's critical that our UI is simultaneously intuitive and performant while supporting rich visualizations.

Our team includes AI, design, and database veterans who have exited multiple companies and worked at Figma, Nuro, Impira, Singlestore, Google, Amazon, Cruise, and Airtable. We're backed by Greylock, Elad Gil, Basecase, and leading CEOs/founders.

We are building a work-in-person culture in San Francisco. We have one 30-minute meeting per week. We value ownership, bias for action, and unstructured collaboration.

About the role

We're looking for a product engineer who is passionate about building tools that users love and use every day. You'll work on the core product, hang out with users (developers, product managers, and designers working in AI), and play a key role in shaping the roadmap.

Under the hood, Braintrust is a high performance, local-first, visualization-heavy UI built with modern Typescript and React. Our users work at some of the world's best technology companies and expect our product to be lightning fast, reliable, and intuitive. We value pragmatism over cleverness, but are not afraid to go very deep and use bleeding edge technology if needed to deliver the best possible user experience.

You'll play a significant role in the foundational UI architecture, technology choices, and implementation. You'll be empowered to both collaborate closely with veteran designers and explore your own ideas.

Ideal candidate credentials

  • Expert-level understanding of Typescript, D3, React, HTML, CSS
  • Previous experience founding or working at startups is a plus
  • Has written prompts / tinkered with GPT models and apps

Benefits include

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Competitive salary and equity
  • AI Stipend ($50/mo to spend on AI products)

Apply for this job

Reach out to us at careers@100milehousemuseum.com. Include a brief note about why you think you're a fit and links to projects/code we can take a look at.

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