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Braintrust Weekly Update

David Song
06 November 2023

We’ve been heads down at Braintrust working on an exciting new feature. We’ll announce it soon! In the meantime, we’ve shipped some user experience improvements and fixes this week:

New OpenAI and Open Source models in playground

Dataset UI

We wanted to try out open source models like Mistral, Codellama, Llama2, etc. and compare them to OpenAI's new models. So, we added them to the playground and also used Perplexity's API for the OS models. They are so fast!

Release notes:

  • Improved selectors for diffing and comparison modes on experiment view
  • Added support for new OpenAI models (GPT4 preview, 3.5turbo-1106) in playground
  • Added support for open source models (Mistral, Codellama, Llama2,etc.) in the playground using Perplexity's APIs

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